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Want more clients? Plan a Webinar

What Does It Take To Plan A Webinar

In my life and time there have been so many different ways to communicate. Back in the early 80’s we had beepers or pagers they were called.. For those of you that don’t know someone would beep you and their number would show up on your beeper/pager and you have to go to a telephone and call the person back. Seems very funny now. Now we have cell phones and facetime where you can see the person you are talking too. Now with the way businesses run you have to be able to reach a large group of people at once and one of the ways to do that is to have a webinar.

First let’s define a webinar. A webinar is defined as a web-based video conference using the internet for real time interaction between the individual hosting the webinar to the viewers of the audience that can be from all over the world.The host can switch their computer screen to share their screen, show you a demonstration or a slide show, can bring you in so people can see you and can invite guests to speak during the webinar.

Planning a webinar takes a lot of work. Here are a list of things that need to be done to pull the webinar together:

  • Do an event assessment

  • Create you plan for the event

  • Determine the Format (one speaker, Interview Style, Panel Discussion)

  • Plan the visuals

  • Pick the Webinar tool (How many people will it hold? How much? etc.)

  • Create your agenda

  • Have a practice session

  • Have your space & equipment reserved

  • Set up registration & decide on what you offer is going to be

  • Last but not least PUBLICIZE YOUR WEBINAR!!!!!

As you can see it’s work but if it gets you clients, it’s well worth it. So get that team together if you haven’t already and plan that webinar.


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