Diamond Bright Assistants job is to make your job easier. Do you want to spend more time with your family or take that much-needed vacation? That’s where we come in.


-Administrative Services

-Content Creation

-Social Media Management

-Email Management

-Event Planning

-Lead Generation

- Website Auditing

We Specialize with Realtors. & Event Planners

Our Packages

Choose One Below 


Package Items

-Document Creations, Formatting & Editing

-Proof Reading 

-Calendar Management-Book appointments and meetings

-Email Management-Organize inbox, answer frequently asked questions, forward urgent e-mails, etc. 

-Website Auditing - Free consultation. If more is needed price to be discussed.

-Prices to be discussed depending on what the project/job is.



Gold Package Items +

-Procurement and Vendor Management-Request quotes from vendors, ensure orders are correct, etc

-Research- Search for venues, entertainment, speakers, sponsors, & transportation

-Event Registration Coordination- Ensure event is listed on various event registration sites, send reminder emails to event registrations, etc.

-Customer Service- Email and phone support- Communicate with attendees, vendors, speakers, and sponsors



Diamond Package Items +

-Project Management- Tracking deadlines & Verifying completed tasks.

-Social Media Management- Create original posts to promote events, respond to comments, and more 

-Travel Planning



516-655-6399 - Office

516-632-5296 - Fax

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