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8 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Calendar


How many of you use Google Calendar? Here are 8 reasons why you should:

It’s Free

When you’re running a business you have so many things to pay for. When it comes to keeping track of your schedule Google Calendar is the way to go.

It’s Easy To Use

It’s one of the easiest tools to use to keep track of your events. If you need something to manage your personal and professional schedules Google Calendar is for you.

Has Links To Other Google Services

On the upper right corner you can click on the tabs to switch between day, week, month or even the next four days. If you use other google sites it gives you links to those other sites. For example: you can schedule an event and check the spreadsheet in google drive or even shoot someone an email using gmail.

Manages Shared Calendars & Events

On the left side of the screen you can manage and shared calendars and contacts you may have. Google also has it set up where you can find an event by putting in a keyword.

Can Import from Outlook, Ical & Yahoo

You can import a whole Calendar full of events at once from Outlook, ICal & Yahoo. Google calendar does not sync directly with Outlook or ICal so you have to import the events if you want to use both tools. Changes are coming in the near future.

Can Make Different Calendars & Color Code Them

If you want you can make multiple calendars. One for work and home and they will show up in the main calendar view. You can also color code them to make it easier to distinguish between the two.

Can Share With Other People & They Can Edit It Also

You can also share your calendar with friends, family and even co-workers. There is also a way to share it where others can edit your calendar. Good way to communicate huh?

Sends Reminders Through Texts or Emails

With Google sending you reminders you should never forget or be late to an appointment. Now why should you use Google again?

I am a Virtual Assistant and this is one of the tools I use to make my job easier and faster. For more information about VA's or the Google calendar please email me.

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